Good habits can do a lot to change the way you look and feel. The more good habits you include in your daily ritual, the better you'll be protected against the negative effects of aging on your complexion. Here are some easy habits that you can include in your day: 1. Cube it. Rub an ice cube on your skin each morning. It doesn’t just wake you up, chilling your skin actually slows metabolic activity and visible signs of aging. Once you remove the cube, blood rushes to the skin’s surface to help carry away toxins. 2. Choose an anti-aging breakfast. Try this awesome green smoothie for breakfast made with kale, mango, kiwi, strawberries, and avocado. It’s loaded with vitamin A and C from the kale, mango, kiwi, and strawberries, which are important for glowing skin. It’s also loaded with vitamin E from the avocado which is important to fight the free radicals that cause aging. 3. Don’t get so stressed out. Start your day with a simple meditation practice to ease stress. Sit up on a pillow, close your eyes, and begin to follow your breath. Sitting in meditation for as little as 10 minutes is a good place to start. Don’t get stressed out by traffic on the way to work. Stress and anxiety can have a huge impact on your skin. When you’re stressed your body has a chemical response which can cause spikes in your hormones. This chemical response can make your skin more sensitive and reactive. 4. Sip on Green Tea Throughout the Day Sipping on large amounts of green tea throughout the day is one of the best things that you can do for your skin. Green tea is loaded with polyphenols, a class of bioflavonoids that have been shown to have anti-aging qualities. 5. Enjoy Omegas at Lunch or Dinner. Omega 3 fatty acids are really good for your skin because they’re a healthy fat. Enjoy salmon, chia seeds, sardines, flax seeds, and walnuts at lunch and dinner. Sara Novak is a Natural Health Care Expert for Zax Health. Follow her on Twitter at @sarafnovak.