Running and exercise addicts can be the worst patients. Even when the pain of shin splints gets intense, all they can think about is hitting the pavement once again. But with a few simple, all natural treatments, you can recover faster than ever. Running addicts listen up, here’s how to relieve shin splint pain so you can once again hit the pavement and enjoy this delightful fall running weather.

1. Don’t ignore shin splint pain.

Don’t ignore shin splints or they will turn into an even more painful injury, such as a stress fracture. Instead, stay off your feet if possible or at least reduce the amount that you’re running or walking each week. If you don’t let your body recover then you’ll be stuck with the pain even longer.

2. Ice your shins.

A bag of ice, cold compress, or even bags of frozen vegetables help to relieve the pain of shin splints. Massage your sore muscles with ice for 10 minutes up to four times per day for two weeks, or until the pain starts to diminish. Between icing sessions, elevating the affected area can also be beneficial.

3. Compress the injury.

Compressing your shin splint injury with an ACE bandage or a Neoprene sleeve while you’re active or even throughout the day reduces the amount of work the muscles around the shins need to do in movement. This decreases the amount of time the body is impacted by the injury.

4. Skip the pavement.

Running on pavement can aggravate your shin splints because of the increased impact so avoid these hard surfaces whenever possible. Instead, run on a track, grass, or even a gravel surface. Running up hills can also aggravate your shin splint pain.

5. Consider a padded insole.

Shin splints are often caused by repetitive impact overtime. That’s why running addicts are often plagued with injuries. Extra cushioning with a padded insole may be just the extra padding that you need to relieve the impact on your body. Sara Novak is a Natural Health Care Expert for Zax Health. Follow her on Twitter at @sarafnovak.