Boost Your Mood with Fall Exercising

 Fall time is a great opportunity to make new exercising goals and change up your existing routine. As the weather cools off and the days get shorter, a change in your routine can help boost your mood and maintain your emotional happiness. Studies have shown that crisp fresh air, yellow, orange and red landscapes capture our attention and can be perceived as exciting, elevating our mood.

 Exercise is often referred to as “mother nature’s antidepressant”. So, layer up in your favourite Fall workout clothing and get outdoors and enjoy some of these outdoor activities.

Trail Walk or Run – If you enjoy walking, running or hiking – look for trail paths ( in your neighbourhood or nearby park. Rather than pounding the pavement or treadmill, change it up and enjoy the scenic beauty of the nature around you. The uneven ground and changing elevation may have you working harder without even realizing it. Just make sure that you’re wearing the proper footwear and look out for rocks, trees and tree stumps.

 Outdoor Sports – Whether it’s a game of football, soccer or basketball, gather your family or a group of friends and start a friendly game. Playing sports or being active outside even if it’s just racking and jumping into a pile of leaves is a great way to get you outdoors, get your heart pumping and burn some calories in a fun way.

Biking – With the leaves changing colours and the crisp cool air, Autumn is a beautiful time to go for a bike ride. Bike riding is a great family activity and way to spend time together while everyone gets a workout. If that’s not your thing, a solo bike ride can be very therapeutic and gives you a change for some personal alone time.

Group class – As the weather gets colder, work and school routines get busier, the motivation to exercise often diminishes. Consider joining a workout group. There are many running groups, indoor or outdoor fitness or yoga classes going on or group exercise sessions over Zoom or YouTube. Whatever you choose, pick a consistent day and time that you commit to participating in weekly.

Winter will be here quicker than you know it, so enjoy getting outdoors as much as possible and take advantage of the Fall weather.


Written by Alyssa Rolnick, Co-Founder of Zax’s Original Products, Registered Dietitian and Mother of 3 active kids.