Applying moisturizer seems easy enough. Just push some out of the bottle and then blanket your skin, right? Wrong. You may be putting it on wrong without even knowing it. But we’re here to help. -Be sure to apply beyond your face. This is especially true if you’re using moisturizer with SPF. Make sure you hit your face but also your neck and shoulders, which need equal attention. Apply a nickel-sized amount to your face and a quarter-sized amount to your neck and shoulders. -Apply moisturizer directly after cleansing your skin. Try and apply moisturizer no more than 60 seconds after cleansing so that your skin doesn’t have an opportunity to further dehydrate. -Choose the right moisturizer. Make sure you’re using the correct moisturizer for your skin. First of all, don’t apply body lotion to your face because it’s too thick and sometimes it can have harsh fragrances. Also make sure you choose a moisturizer for your skin type. -Apply carefully around your eyes. Use your ring finger to delicately apply moisturizer or eye cream around your eyes. It’s a weaker finger so it’s less likely to pull at your skin. And be overall gentle when applying moisturizer. Sara Novak is a Natural Health Care Expert for Zax Health. Follow her on Twitter at @sarafnovak.