Facial massage is simple and effective but yet it’s often under utilized in beauty routines. Like the rest of your body, facial muscles can tense as a result of stress but by relaxing muscles and connective tissue, facial massage softens expression lines around your eyes, lips, and brow. At the same time, it detoxes your skin, stimulates blood flow and circulation and tones muscles. Daily facial massage is your secret weapon against aging.

8 Steps to a Fantastic Facial Massage

1. Use gentle pressure and enough oil or lotion to allow for movement so that you’re not pulling on the skin. Aromatherapy lotions like those made with lavender also help to promote relaxation.

2. Rub your hands together until the friction warms them up. Rest them on your face for 5-10 seconds to relax the muscles.

3. Start by massaging the forehead and temples, creating long strokes with your thumb pads. Use your first three fingers and your thumbs.

4. Alternate long strokes with using small circular movements on pressure points at the temples and on the lower part of the eye sockets. Work along the eye sockets, making your way out toward the temples along the cheek bones.

5. Using your fingers, lift and hold the brow to open up the eyes.

6. Feel for tense areas, especially around the jaw. On these especially tender areas, hold the points for a few extra seconds. Continue to work the muscles of the face for 5 minutes.

7. Making small circles with your fingers, work your way from the center of your chin along the jaw bone, stopping at any places that hold extra tension. 8. Run your fingers along your upper and lower lips to get the blood flowing.

Sara Novak is a Natural Health Care Expert for Zax Health. Follow her on Twitter at @sarafnovak.