We all want to look our best but common beauty blunders can make us fall short. Luckily, correcting these common beauty mistakes is simple.

Operation Beautiful: 5 Grooming Mistakes We All Make

1. Washing your hair too often. Washing your hair too often can strip it of its natural oils and dry out your scalp. This is a common mistake that’s easily remedied by washing your hair every 2-3 days. Additionally, dressing your mane in 1/4 cup organic, virgin coconut oil every two months can also treat dried out hair. Slather coconut oil throughout your hair and let set for 30 minutes. Rinse and wash your hair. 2. Not washing makeup brushes. Your makeup brushes can house a host of nasty bacteria but yet we constantly forget to wash them. That bacteria can end up on your skin and it can cause a skin breakout. It’s best to wash your makeup brushes every 2-3 weeks with a gentle shampoo. Let stand to dry. 3. Applying foundation to dry skin. Applying foundation to dry skin is a common mishap. Make sure your topical cream or moisturizer is applied first and has absorbed into the skin completely before you add any concealer or foundation to your skin. When concealer or foundation sits on dry skin it can draw attention to the lines, wrinkles, age spots, and bags under eyes that it was originally supposed to camouflage. 4. Not wearing sunscreen. You should always wear a high SPF broad spectrum sunscreen even when it’s cloudy outside. During the day, a moisturizer with sunscreen can do the trick but you never want your face to be naked because ultraviolet rays can penetrate the skin even if the sun isn’t out. 5. Not exfoliating enough or exfoliating too much. It’s best to find the ideal exfoliation duration. For most people, exfoliating every week is enough to slough away dead skin. If you exfoliate too much you can dry out your skin. Sara Novak is a Natural Health Care Expert for Zax Health. Follow her on Twitter at @sarafnovak.