We recently sent samples of Zax's Original Heelspur Cream to thousands of Canadians. Feedback continues to pour in!

We are thrilled that thousands of Canadians are now getting heel and foot pain relief with our cream.  Below are what the randomly chosen winners of a free tube had to say about Zax's Original Heelpsur Cream.... if you haven't tried our cream, our website has a $4.00 coupon that you can also now use online -

"The change in texture of the skin on my feet in one application of the cream was a great benefit of this product!  Also, I thought the mint scent of the cream was soothing.  Another great benefit was that the calluses on the bottom and sides of my feet were softened and not so painful to stand on." - Ivana

"I absolutely loved the heel spur cream, I felt it almost as soon as it was applied, and I thought OMG that feels soooo good. I absolutely love the relief. I don't know quite how to explain it."  - Nancy

"I am a runner, but was suffering a foot injury, with pain and inflammation. During my injury I couldn't run for 11 days, kept icing, and applying Zax's. Luckily I was still able to go on big bike rides. I'm hoping to add this to my medicine cabinet and bring a tube in my bag for the upcoming marathon in June, then September's race...and who knows where else our running world will take us in 2013!" - Kristi
"It works! thank you so much and I will use the coupon to buy more. Have a happy day!" - Deborah
"I am an active woman who enjoys walking daily, and, for several months Plantar Fasciitis slowed me down significantly.  ZAX Heelspur Cream has allowed me to return to my active self.  I believe if it has worked for me as an amputee then it can most definitely work for anyone." - Shannon
All the best for good health with happier feet!
Alyssa Rolnick Co-Founder, Zax Healthcare