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First Aid Bundle


Spring and summer bring so much enjoyment. In addition to all the fun and activities these seasons bring, we often can experience more foot pain, bumps and bruises from being more active, acquire cuts and scrapes that lead to scars and let’s not forget annoying itches from allergies or nasty bug bites.

This first aid bundle has you covered with Canadian-made, pharmacist developed natural products that are Health Canada approved to help you and your family stay protected and well treated.

In this Bundle

Bruise Cream – Speeds healing, reduces discolouration and inflammation associated with active bruises.

Bruise Vitamin – A once daily capsule designed for those who bruise easily by supporting connective tissue formation and promoting wound healing.

Bug Bite & Itch Cream – Relieves itching & protects from bug bites and minor skin irritations and rashes.

Heelspur Cream – Help restore comfort to sore heels and feet using ingredients with natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Scar Fading Cream – Reduces the appearance of scars while smoothing skin texture and improving softness.

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