Brown Patches on Face

What are Brown Spots?

Dark brown red spots/patches on face and skin are flat, brown-black spots/marks that usually appear on the skin in sun-exposed areas of the body.

They are also known as age spots dark spots, liver spots, skin spots or sun spots. The medical term for such spots is hyperpigmentation.

What causes these spots?

These spots occur from excess production of melanin (the skin pigment). These spots are changes in skin color that occur in older skin and are very common after age 40. The increased color may be due to aging, exposure to the sun or other forms of ultraviolet light.

Additionally, other unknown causes are possible. Some spots that look irregular should be biopsied to confirm that they are not skin cancer. Please make sure to consult your doctor, as appropriate.

Where are these spots typically found?

They occur most often on areas that have had the greatest sun exposure, such as the face, back of hands, forearms, neck and shoulders

What are the treatment options to fade these spots?

While these spots are not medically dangerous, the permanent skin changes affect the cosmetic appearance of the skin and can cause emotional distress. Overtime, hyperpigmentation can be reversed with natural ingredients that either block the production of melanin and/or absorb darkening UV rays.

You can improve the appearance of your skin by using skin creams that are spot correctors or faders. Watch out for ingredients like Hydroquinonone or Kojic acid. These common skin lighteners can cause blisters or skin reactions in some people. In fact, hydroquinone is banned outside of North America. Other creams use harsh preservatives and alcohols.

Seek natural ingredients like licorice, citrus extract, and niacinamide which are effective melanin inhibitors and are natural ingredients.

They can be found in Zax’s Original Dark Spot Cream.

If creams don’t prove effective enough, freezing (cryo-therapy) or laser treatment can be an effective but more costly alternative in most cases.

Can these spots be prevented?

As sun damage is the primary cause of such spots, protecting your skin by wearing protective clothing, sunglasses, and high-quality sunscreens with SPF ratings of 30 or more. If you see spots starting to show up using a light darkspot cream may also help prevent new spots from showing up.

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