Facial Redness

Facial Redness

What is Facial Redness?

Facial redness is the reddening of the skin on the face. It is typically caused by Rosacea (a skin condition), dehydrated skin or windburn.


Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that makes your face turn red and may cause swelling and skin sores that look like acne.

While Rosacea is a harmless condition, but it may cause you to be self-conscious or embarrassed. It may be a long-term (chronic) problem. The cause is not known. It cannot be cured, but may be controlled with treatment.

Dehydrated skin commonly shows up as skin redness. The skin can feel tight and you may feel a burning sensation. It will often get irritated and has a lesser ability to heal. The skin sometimes gets flaky and shows dry lines. The texture of the skin will be rough and will not look smooth anymore.


Windburn is typically described as redness of the face or erythema.

This has been compared with sunburn often because of its appearance. The red rash on the face would show up after running or jogging. This is usually described as unpleasant and is similar to a sunburn.

This condition is triggered by the increased or sudden gush of wind on the face which causes the skins natural oil barrier diminish over time causing susceptibility to UV light.


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