6 Fabulous Summer Skincare Tips

6 Fabulous Summer Skincare Tips

Summer comes with a whole new set of skincare tips. It’s about protecting your skin from sun damage and keeping cool. UVA/UVB rays are harmful all year long, but can be especially damaging in the summer months when our levels of sun exposure are higher due to spending more time outdoors at the beach, pool or in the park. The sun can really take it out of you in the summer time if you’re not careful. Checkout these often overlooked summer skincare tips:

1. Protect your lips. We hope you apply a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection to your skin daily and often, but what about your pout? Your lips need protection too. Choose a lip balm with SPF built-in and be sure to reapply every few hours to make sure you protect your beautiful smile.

2. Don’t forget your scalp. When applying your sunscreen, make sure you cover your scalp as well, especially if you don't usually wear a hat or head covering. The rays of the sun can burn your head as well. And don’t forget to reapply.

3. Remember your hands. Changes in pigmentation causing darkspots are commonly seen on your hands as you get older. The skin on your hands is thin and can wrinkle easily too. Shield your hands from the sun's rays with sunblock or an SPF body moisturizer.

4. Cover up. Sun exposure on your face should be minimal in the summer time and sometimes sunscreen (even when reapplied every few hours) just isn’t enough. Sun damage makes you look older, and as you age, minimizing exposure is the best policy. That’s why a hat and long sleeve loose clothing along with sunscreen is ideal. When spending a long time outdoors, it's best to cover up when the suns rays are at their strongest during about 12:00 till 4pm.

5. Take a cool shower. After a day in the sun, a hot shower can dry out your skin. Keep it hydrated with a quick, cool shower. And make sure to moisturize your skin after! To keep skin clear and decrease acne breakouts , a cool shower after excessive sweating can be helpful too.

6. Try a dark spot cream. When the sun shines, dark spots are the most likely to rise to the surface. Choose a cream like Zax’s Original Darkspot Cream to naturally lighten dark spots on your skin safely. It's best to begin treating darkspots as soon as they appear.

Here's to beautiful looking skin this summer!

Updated by Alyssa Rolnick, Co-Founder of Zax’s Original Products, Registered Dietitian and Mother of 3 active kids.

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