7 Ways to Treat Age Spots Naturally

7 Ways to Treat Age Spots Naturally
Age spots are flat, brown skin discolorations that take years to develop. They usually start occurring on people over age 40, especially those that have spent excessive time in the sun. Though they’re sometimes called livers spots, they have little to do with the liver. Age spots are often treated with retinol creams, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser treatments, and light therapy. But these treatments can be harsh on the skin and expensive. Instead, why not treat age spots naturally with these effective remedies?

1. Step in the shade.

While we do need the sun for the ample vitamin D it provides, too much sun leads to sun damage and age spots. Coat your body in broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen with a high SPF and don’t forget to reapply. If you feel your skin getting pink, step into the shade.

2. Amp up your diet.

Your diet helps your skin shine from the inside out. Choose a plant-based diet loaded with fruits, vegetables, fatty fish, whole grains, nuts, seeds, olive oil, and tons of water. If your body is constantly cleansed with healthy whole foods, your skin will show it.

3. Apply yogurt.

Yogurt contains lactic acid which lightens up age spots as well as softening and exfoliating the skin. Apply 1 tablespoon of organic yogurt to a clean face and neck. Let sit on the skin for 20 to 30 minutes. Then wash off gently with a warm, moist cloth. Do not apply to sun burned, wind burned, or otherwise irritated skin.

4. Choose products with vitamin C.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that safely interacts with free radicals so they don't cause early aging. Choose skin products with this as an active ingredient. Citrus Unshiu peel extract, for example, is a great source of vitamin C in a topical form.

5. Add in enzymes.

Natural food enzymes accelerate skin exfoliation and stimulate the formation of new skin cells. Look for skincare products with natural enzymes.

6. Add in licorice extract.

Licorice extract safely and naturally fades age spots. Choose natural skin products with this as an active ingredient.

7. Rub aloe vera on age spots.

Aloe vera naturally lightens age spots. It’s an active ingredient in a number of skincare products but you can also apply the plant directly to age spots. Aloe vera should only be used externally.


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