First Aid Products You Never Knew Your Skin Needed

First Aid Products You Never Knew Your Skin Needed

When you think of stocking your medicine cabinet or ensuring your first aid kit is ready, bandages, antiseptic spray, cold packs, scissors, tweezers, gauze often come to mind for cuts, scrapes and falls. But what about once the initial injury is treated, what products should you have on hand to help your skin heal from its trauma?

Below are some great product ideas to help complete your medicine cabinet or first aid kit.

Bruise Remedy – We all know that bruises come and go, but they can be painful and stand out when wearing shorts, dresses or short sleeves. Bruises can be treated with proven natural ingredients that reduce the pain, inflammation and discolouration and speed healing, such as arnica, witch hazel and menthol. These powerful natural ingredients when combined together create an effective treatment for bruising. It can be especially helpful for those who bruise easily as a result of aging skin or prescription medications such as blood thinners.

Analgesic Creams – Accidents, slips and fall often leave you with body soreness, but so can everyday activities cause sore muscles, aches & pains. You don’t have to have had an injury to treat regular aches and pains. Having an aches & pain cream on hand can be very helpful to soothe your muscles and pain whenever needed. Find one that has a soothing relief and balances that cool and warmth feeling on your skin.

Rash, bug bite and irritated skin treatments – Bug bites, rashes and irritated skin can occur at any time regardless of season. Having a remedy on hand made with natural ingredients for when irritation and itchiness occur, is very helpful. The quicker these types of skin reactions are treated the faster you’ll feel better. Look for a product made with ingredients that contain anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Scar treatments – Whether from stitches, stretch marks, acne, burns, surgery or wounds, scarring especially when on exposed skin such as your face, arms and hands can be frustrating. When it comes to healing scars, smoothening texture and improving softness of the skin is important. Having a scar Cream available with multiple natural ingredients (such as, Pine Bark, Calendula, Aloe and Vitamin E) can be beneficial to fading scars quickly. If there are any open wounds, it’s important to wait until they heal or scab over before applying any scar treatment products.

Rather than treating skin conditions after they have been around for a while; you’ll get better results if you treat them right away. Always be first aid ready with the basics but having some additional skincare products available in your medicine cabinet will keep you prepared to deal with any of yours or your families skincare needs.

Written by, Alyssa Rolnick, Co-Founder of Zax’s Original Products, Registered Dietitian and Mother of a very busy household.

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