Skin Gratitude: What Is It And Why You Should Be Thankful For Your Skin

Skin Gratitude: What Is It And Why You Should Be Thankful For Your Skin

The human body’s largest organ is the skin, and your health and happiness can often show on it. As it’s the season to be thankful, there’s no better time to take a few minutes daily to practise gratitude. Learn what, why and how-to incorporate skin affirmations into your skincare routines along with all your beauty care steps to help you gain a new perspective on your skin and love it!

What is it: Gratitude is the emotion of feeling thankful and appreciative. Practising gratitude whether it’s to others when receiving various types of generosity or practising self-gratitude, can help with your health and wellness. Research shows that practising gratitude can help change your state of mind. And since stress, anxiety and unhappiness can all contribute to worsening of skin conditions, a link has been found between living a more positive happy life and the results on your skin.

Why it’s important: All too often when we think about our skin, we analyse all the things we don’t like such as, birthmarks, blemishes, wrinkles, darkspots, skin conditions and more. Shifting your perspective about your skin can help you become more accepting about what makes you unique and intuitive as to when your body is telling you something. For example, freckles can be genetic in your family and provide you with similarities between you and your family. However, dry, itchy skin can be a sign or an allergic reaction, insect bite, or more serious skin condition. While there are many beauty products that work on the various signs of stress on the skin (dryness, puffiness, wrinkles, age spots), it’s important to be kind to yourself and look after your emotional well-being to achieve these products optimal results.

How to practise it: Reducing your stress and simply being happier can add a radiance to your skin. Here are some ways you can practise gratitude and participate in activities that build a positive mindset every day.

  • Keep a gratitude journal (or try an app) and list at least 1-3 things you’re grateful for every day. Include giving thanks to your skin or health as one.
  • Try a meditation or yoga class.
  • Remember to eat healthy, drink plenty of water and get enough sleep regularly.
  • Take time to do something that you enjoy and makes you happy. For example, Sunday afternoon naps, a coffee date with a friend, a DIY spa night.
  • State a daily affirmation that includes not only your health, but skin too.
  • Follow a good skincare routine and take time to treat your skin when needed.
  • Appreciate your authentic self and be open about any skin conditions you may have. Know that what you see on social media is often filtered and unnatural.
  • And most importantly, SMILE as often as possible!

Written by Alyssa Rolnick, Co-Founder of Zax’s Original Products, Registered Dietitian and Mother of a very busy household.

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