Stress and Anxiety: Do They Impact Your Skin?

Stress and Anxiety: Do They Impact Your Skin?

The answer is yes, in a big way. When we’re stressed our bodies have a chemical response which can cause spikes in our hormones. This chemical response can make our skin more sensitive and reactive. Cortisol, for example, is a powerful stress hormone that shuts down part of the immune system when it senses stress. This can increase your vulnerability to allergens, like those that may impact your complexion. If you already have skin conditions like psoriasis, rosacea, or fever blisters, stress may inflame the condition. Nervous habits like rubbing, scratching, and biting your lips may also damage your skin. An inflamed skin condition coupled with nervous habits are a poor combination for your skin. This is especially true if you’re allowing stress to interfere with your daily skin maintenance routine. Don’t neglect your skin when you’re stressed. Wash your face to remove makeup, apply sunscreen, and other topical moisturizers.

Tips For Avoiding Stressed Out Skin

1. Get enough sleep. If you’re having trouble sleeping, take steps to remedy the situation like avoiding caffeine and alcohol.

2. Get enough exercise.

3. Practice stress management techniques like breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation.

4. Learn to say no when you get busy.

5. Consider getting a soothing facial or taking some time for DIY spa treatments.

6. Treat skin conditions like rosacea with natural topical treatments that soothe your skin. Look for ingredients like pine bark extract which has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Zax's Facial Redness Cream is a great option!

Written by Sara Novak, Contributing Writer

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