Taking Care of Your Skin When doing Summer Outdoors Activities

Taking Care of Your Skin When doing Summer Outdoors Activities

Between sunburns, sweating and bug bites, summertime outdoor activities can cause irritation and damage to your skin.

Here’s how you can keep your skin healthy while at the beach, camping, hiking or simply playing with your family outside or at a nearby park

Elevate Your Sun protection – We all know the importance of sun protection and often apply sunscreen at least once a day when outdoors. But did you know, that even on overcast and gray days your skin can still feel the effects of harmful UVA and UVB rays? Therefore, applying sunscreen daily and several times a day when outdoors for long periods of time is so important. Don’t forget about those hard to reach places like your hands, feet, back of neck, as well as forgotten parts like your ears and lips.

Don’t fret about the sweat – A good sweat from exercising, hiking or summertime activities is great for the body and mind. However, sweat that is left on the skin can cause skin irritations and clog the pores on your face, neck and back. This can lead to breakouts, redness and acne. It is highly recommended by dermatologists to maintain good skincare habits after sweating such as washing your face with a gentle cleanser right after you sweat.

Fend off bugs – Whether you're hiking through the woods or going on summer night walks and having camp fire evenings, the bug are inevitable! There are many bug sprays available, however some of them contain harmful ingredients or can cause skin irritations.  Looking for a DEET free option? You can use citronella candles and make a natural bug repellent spray using water and essential oils such as lemon eucalyptus and witch hazel. Try this simple and easy homemade bug repellent recipe.  

Soothe itchy skin – Spending enough time outdoors is wonderful, however it can often lead to itchy skin due to bug bites or seasonal allergies. Thankfully there are a number of natural remedies to help soothe itchy skin, such as colloidal oatmeal, tea tree oil and menthol. Don’t let itchy skin stop you from enjoying the outdoors during the daytime or at night. Look for skincare creams made with natural ingredients to have on hand for when needed.

Stay Hydrated – You’re likely familiar with the recommendation to drink 6-8 eight-ounce glasses of fluids a day. However, in the summer months you tend to sweat more, and your body loses more water that needs to be replaced. According to Dietitian Elizabeth Zemelman, fluid needs do vary from person to person depending on activity level, gender, age and overall health. When dehydrated, your skin can look tired and wrinkles can be more prominent. Increase fluid intake by throwing some fruit or herbs in your water to enhance the flavour such as basil & strawberry. And most importantly, carry a water bottle with you throughout the day and keep refilling it!

Now that you make sure to have yourself protected, there is so much you and your family can do in the summer time, from exploring new neighbourhoods to participating in organized camp programs. Here is a great list of summer activities for the whole family

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Alyssa Rolnick is the Co-Founder of Zax’s Original Products, Registered Dietitian and Mother of 3 active kids.

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