What's In Your Families Summer First Aid Kit

What's In Your Families Summer First Aid Kit

Having a well-stocked first aid kit is essential for any family, especially during the summer when outdoor activities are more common. Here are some items to include in your family's summer first aid kit that will help tackle the bumps, bruises, pains, scars, and bug bites that can happen while being active outdoors:

  1. Adhesive bandages (assorted sizes): For covering minor cuts, scrapes, and blisters. Once healed, fade those scars with Zax's Original Scar Fading Cream.

  2. Sterile gauze pads and adhesive tape: To dress larger wounds or control bleeding. Make sure to clean the area first with Antiseptic wipes or solution to prevent infection.

  3. Itch relief cream or ointment: To relieve itching from insect bites, rashes, or minor skin irritations always have a cream on hand so it can be applied immediately. Try Zax's Original Bug Bite & Itch Cream for an effective solution.

  4. Insect repellent: Choose a repellent containing natural ingredients or other recommended active ingredients to protect against insect bites and stings.

  5. Sunscreen: Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF to protect against sunburn. Apply often, especially before and after water activities. 

  6. Aloe vera gel: For soothing sunburns and minor burns. 

  7. Instant cold packs: To reduce swelling or provide relief for minor sprains, strains, or insect bites. For bruise related injuries use Zax's Original Bruise Cream as soon as a bruise occurs to relieve the pain and discolouration. 

  8. Tweezers and small scissors: Useful for removing splinters, cutting tape, or trimming bandages.

  9. Disposable gloves: For maintaining hygiene while providing first aid.

  10. Oral antihistamines: To relieve allergic reactions or hay fever symptoms. Include both adult and child versions with appropriate dosing instructions. 

  11. Aches & pain relievers: Include both adult and children's versions, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, for headaches, muscle aches, or minor injuries. Ensure you have appropriate dosing instructions. Topical pain relievers such as Zax's Original Aches & Pains Cream can be helpful after a strenuous day of activity. 

  12. Emergency contact numbers: Write down important on a piece of paper phone numbers, including your doctor, emergency services, and any emergency family or friends contacts. Keep this paper inside your bag along with all your items. 

  13. Personal medications: If anyone in your family requires specific medications, keep a supply in the first aid kit (e.g., an EpiPen for severe allergies).

  14. First aid manual: Include a basic first aid guide or instructions to assist in handling common injuries or emergencies can always be helpful. Especially if you'll be camping in the wilderness or hiking in remote areas. 

Remember to periodically check your first aid kit for expired items and replace them as needed. Additionally, these handy kits should be prepared in advance so you'll be ready for last minute plans. Take advantage of Zax's Original Create-Your-Own Bundle and get one product free!

Written by Alyssa Rolnick, Co-Founder of Zax’s Original Products, Registered Dietitian and Mother of 3 active kids. 

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